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Seat Pads for Kitchen Chairs: What and How to Choose?

You would not want to get your whole breakfast spoiled just because the seats are not comfortable, right? It’s too hard to sit on hard objects for a longer time, so people tend to finish off their meals quickly if they are not comfortably seated. So what do we do? Go for seat pads. It is the simplest solution ever.

But choosing the right kitchen seat pad is not as simple. You have a whole lot of choices to make; form shape to color, and thickness to texture, and also the dimensions of the chair. Does your kitchen have a theme? Are you a floral person? Do you want just comfort or comfort plus the looks? Answer it all before going ahead with shopping.

The basic function of a kitchen seat pad is to serve as a padding to add comfort. So it is advisable to go for thicker fluffier cushions. But thin pads provide comfort, color and style at the same time. Consider the type of your furniture before opting for thin seat pads.

Have a thought about the practicality as well. Stain resistant seat pads made of vinyl or microfiber are the way to go if you have kids, or you spill stuffs a lot. Silk or velvet seat pads may not be the best option for everyday use, but it looks.

For a country style kitchen alternate color seat pads on wood chairs compliments the whole look. If you have a modern style, go for rich colors to add to the elegance. Also a little tie will look cute, especially if the seat pad has simple solid colors.

So what is your choice?

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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