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Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting to Brighten Your Cooking Mood

Have you been too focused on the design and decoration of your kitchen that you easily overlooked what could be the most important aspect of having that perfect kitchen: Lighting. Yes, having the wrong lights at the wrong place can steal away anything attractive in the kitchen.

Let’s get straight to the point; you could go for fluorescent lighting. You need a reason? We will give you three.

  • One: full-size fluorescent lamps have four times greater capacity to convert electricity into lights than an average incandescent lamps
  • Two: they have longer life than the incandescent light
  • Three: they are environment friendly.

Do you want your kitchen to be bright? Of course, working in the kitchen necessitates bright light, and fluorescent light could be your magic solution. Also, fluorescent lights under the cabinets give that cool ambience if you want bright, but not too much overhead light.

It would be wise to opt for fluorescent recessed lighting for your general lighting, mounted on the tops of upper cabinets, around the perimeter of a skylight shaft-concealed from direct view, or other indirect applications.

Also today’s fluorescent lights come with electronic control gear that eliminates the buzzing and flickering completely. So you are one reason down to opt against it.

Simply said, fluorescent lighting is lively and brilliant, and a great option to consider if you are not in live with the dark. There are fluorescent light fixtures of varying shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Put them in the right place and see the magic.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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