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Wood Furniture Dusting and Cleaning Tips

Wood furniture adds a classy demeanor to any room. But it equally demands high care for their long lasting life and looks. By frequent dusting and cleaning can avoid the degrading of wood and keep them good.

Dusting is very important for your wooden furniture. Removing the dust often will avoid airborne grime forming a filmy layer on surface. Use clean, dry and soft clothes/dusters to brush of the dust.

However you need to dampen the cleaning cloth or duster a little to avoid the dust from settling again. There are wide varieties of dusting tools available in the market for specific uses in dusting.  Common dusters are classic feather duster, treated cloth, lamb’s wool duster, lint free clothes and terry towels.

If you dampen your duster, make sure you keep the surface dry later by wiping it with a dry towel.

Cleaning is relatively easy, but you must be careful while doing this. Using all-purpose cleaning sprays may not produce the desirable effect unless you have plastic coated furniture. But usually you find these coatings only on kitchen tables and children’s furniture.

Although it is ideal to avoid treating wood with water, you may use soap-water mix to remove the sticky spots. Dip the cloth in mild soap/detergent solution and wring it nearly dry.

Wipe or scrub to remove the area of grime. After cleaning you should rinse and rinse the surface dry with a clean, soft cloth. There are specific cleaning solutions available in the market depending on the wood type and dirt you are dealing with.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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