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Cool Wall Hooks Can Keep You Hooked

These cool wall hooks by Thelermont Hupton are sure to get you ‘hooked’. This line of hand-shaped hooks features various hand gesture-shaped hooks. Our personal favourite is the hand with the devil-horns, but there are the ones that say hello, thumbs up, shake, okay, peace, and even the ‘up yours’ gesture. The hooks come in various bold hues, including black, pink, orange, red or white, and are cast in composite materials with luscious lacquered finish that makes them shine. The peppy hand hooks can make even your plain walls look attractive and are a fab functional element to your walls. The cool wall hooks are available for a retail price of £90.

And, if the hand gestures are not your thing, try throwing some utensils and knives around the house onto the walls to get this variant of the wall hooks. These Utensil-Shaped Hooks, which resemble a saucepan, knife, and rolling pin, stuck in the wall are attractive, as well as add a special appeal to the walls and would look great in the kitchen. The hooks are available in red, white or black hues. The prices of the saucepan hook, knife hook, and rolling pin hook are £25, £22, and £22 respectively.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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