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Christmas Themed Bedding For a Cozy Bedroom

The festive season is well and truly here and it is time to get ready to give your bedding a Christmassy feel that ushers in the season’s joy. But giving your bedroom a fun and festive makeover is not about expansive decorative and an elaborate paint job that only stays relevant for a few days. Accent fabric and colorful bedding is the perfect way to bring the celebration into your bedroom without committing to a long-term change in theme.


The bedroom is one of the main places where you spend a major part of the day and giving it a red, green and white makeover this December makes complete sense. Christmas themed bedding comes in a variety of shapes, hues and styles. In fact, smart combination of red and green can usher in the jolly good times without the excessive iconography and motifs. Christmas bedding is not just about reindeer, Santa and jingle bells alone!

Green, Red and White!

Subtle or loud, whatever be your choice may be you can buy custom designed bedding both online and from retail outlets. Bedding options can be something as simple as a flat top sheet, a blanket, quilt, or duvet or something more expansive and elaborate. Look out for Christmas special shopping carnivals and showrooms that not only showcase the latest and hottest trends, but also allow you to save a quick buck with some snappy deals. If you have a talent for knitting or fabric painting, you can give that a shot too to make custom beddings.

Green, white and red bedroom with Christmas theme

If you want the beddings to be less loud, you can choose for lighter red and green colors for your bed covers and pillow cases. You can easily get your hands on Christmas-themed vignette patterns on the bed covers and pillow cases. While red and green are the preferred color options that usher in the holiday theme, do not be afraid to mix them up with a hint of bright orange or vivacious fuchsia.

Christmas Bed Covers

Warm and beautiful Christmas Bedding

Christmas themed bedding options for children are a lot more varied and come with fun and playful prints. No matter what you pick, ensure that you decorate the rest of your bedroom appropriately to accentuate the holiday theme. It is all about creating a cozy and snug ambiance!

grinch bedding from pottery barn!

Christmas themed bedding idea with santa claus

Red and white bedrom idea for Christmas


Christmas Themed Bedroom

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