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Luxurious Copenhagen Apartment overlooking the city

This luxurious Copenhagen Apartment on the top floor of a centrally situated 1882 apartment building is today’s dream home choice. We were enchanted by the spacious and bright collection of spaces arranged in a flexible floor plan. Located very close to a lake, the residence benefits from green surroundings and also from the proximity of the Botanical Garden. The renovated apartment building shelters several apartments, but this is one of the most elegant and beautiful ones.

The entrance hall leads to a large gourmet kitchen equipped with modern appliances and an inviting living space gathers family and friends together for quality social time. What was originally a room duo was transformed into a common living space that encompasses the living and dining zone and continues into the kitchen. A French balcony overlooking the courtyard can accommodate the inhabitants for breakfast or a late afternoon tea, so you can see why this particular top floor apartment is today’s dream home.

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