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Contest: Win a Fancy Lamp With Your Christmas Sofa Stories

Contemporary furniture retailer Barker and Stonehouse understands that sofas aren’t just somewhere to sit, but somewhere to spend time with loved ones or enjoy some peace and quiet.

Sofas are where you relax after a hard day’s work, where you watch TV or enjoy a nice glass of wine, where you snuggle down and cuddle up.

A contemporary sofa needs to be comfortable, stylish and versatile and most of all it needs to fit in with your home. You need to know that whichever sofa you choose; you’ll be buying a quality piece of furniture which will last as long as you want it to, and become a part of your cherished family memories for years to come.

The living room is the centerpiece to any home as the sanctuary of comfort that provides the place to spend time with the family and loved one and the heart of any living room is, of course, your sofa.

The venue for so many special memories, Decoist would love to invite you to tell us your favourite Christmas sofa stories below, and will be giving away a Kartell Bourgie Table Lamps (pictured) worth £186 from Barker & Stonehouse for the best story.

To enter, simply tell us your Christmas sofa story below (in the comments — either Facebook or a comment on our site) and ‘Like’ our Facebook page to enter the chance to win a Christmas present from us.

The winner will be decided on Friday 16th December at 2pm so get your entry in today!

Ready folks?

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  • brooke t

    well..we don’t have a sofa yet, as it is custom made and ordered but not here yet :(

  • A Christmas story, right? Ok!

    When I was a little girl I surprised my mom making the Christmas Tree. I knew something was wrong, I mean, why would mom make the tree if santa’s going to bring it anyway? So I started asking questions. Finally my mom gave in and told me the truth. Like any child, I was devastated. But I also promised her I wouldn’t tell my younger sister the truth.

    Years went by and I kept my mouth shut. One night my sister started asking questions. “Is there Santa? Where does he live? How can he deliver all these presents in one night?” etc.

    I couldn’t let her face the tragic truth so I came up with a story of my own. I told her that Santa doesn’t live in the NorthPole but he lives on the Moon. Then I told her about how his sleigh is magical and travels faster than the speed of sound so he can deliver many presents all around the world in just one night. There was a full moon and I pointed out the black spots visible on the moon “That’s where Santa lives, that’s his village!”, I told her and she bought the whole story. She was charmed!

    Yes, I’m evil! I tricked my younger sister into believing that Santa is for real and that he lives on the Moon. Two years later she realized I lied to her. She was older and took it as a joke. We still laugh at the thought of Santa living on the Moon.

  • zuly

    Santas for our parents

    It was a very cold and snow-filled December. Me and my sister were little, 10 and 12, respectively, and we were quite sure that Santa exists — yeah lucky girls, we know. But that year, for some reason we realized that the fatty old man may not have time to reach Bucharest (that’s in Romania for those who don’t know) on the Christmas night.

    That’s when we came up with an idea. An idea of making Christmas a truly special and unique celebration this year, but not for us, for our parents. We had a problem though — there’s usually only one Santa and his reindeer, so we had to reinvent the story; we wanted five or six Santas to knock on our door on Christmas Eve.

    Our plan was to convince five friends of our parents to dress up like Santa and ring the bell on the Christmas night, giving them presents and some holiday cheer. And we succeeded. Mom and dad were confused as to what’s happening and why it’s only them getting presents, me and my sister were singing and laughing at the same time. Everyone was having fun.

    That’s how, this year, we managed to have gifts for everyone under the Christmas tree. And we didn’t mind if our parents had twice as much as we had. It was a special night. A night with five Santas knocking on our door. Probably the best Christmas ever …

  • romi

    My lucky Mistletoe

    I had one very special Christmas Eve, spent with my uncle Robert in London, when I was 12.

    I remember that for our Christmas dinner, you couldn’t see the table for food.There was turkey, roast potatoes, apples, oranges, all sorts of nuts, and let’s not forget the delicious Christmas pudding — almost everything you could want.

    In the evening we had a party and a dance. Although at that time I wasn’t much of a dancer, I did like sitting out dances on the stairs because that’s where I had my mistletoe hanging. My uncle used to tell me that English people hang mistletoe during the Holiday season. And if I were to see a girl under the mistletoe, I had to kiss her.

    So, just imagine what an intense Christmas this 12 years old had in London who had his first kiss thousands of miles away from home. Not to mention how desperate my friends were after telling them how uncle Robert taught me that you can kiss a girl under your mistletoe. I had to promise them, that next year they can come with me to London, but only if they help out with my literature classes :).

  • Sonny

    Christmas in hard times

    I am 26 years old, actually not a child anymore, so in hard times, I know that Santa is too poor to help me with my financial problems ,so relatives and family remain the sole sad option.

    Let me tell you how I spent Christmas, last year.

    I decided that after a year of hard work, I have to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Christmas time and then go spend Christmas Eve with my relatives in London. I was very excited , not to mention that everything including a few extra French lessons were all paid from my savings – huh – how courageous.

    I have to say that I didn’t have much trouble with my French, but the Parisians surely did :) After 2 days spent in Paris I came to London for another couple of days. I thought it will be the most independent Christmas Holiday, far away from home. Well, I really think “independent” is the right word for this one.

    On Christmas day I had dinner at London’s best and I’m afraid most expensive restaurant. I hadn’t been there for more than 5 years, ever since my dad had his birthday party there. However, unlike this time, for his party he paid with his credit card. Little did I know that the bill is going to come up THAT expensive. So imagine a 25 years old with no money to return? The only option was to call dad and see if he’ll be able to wire me some money so that I can buy my ticket back home.

    At that point my mind was going through a total blackness of anger and rage so I wrote a very short message to my father (you know the joke I guess):


    And my father replied next day (apparently he knew the joke, as well):


    Eventually, I borrowed money from an aunt and managed to get home safely.
    Folks, that’s what I call an independent Christmas time or maybe … Christmas in hard times.