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The Hollow Chair with a Pretty Cool ‘Hollow’ Space

This cool trendy armchair comes with a hollow space in it providing room for storage. The pretty good Hollow chair, designed by Judson Beaumont from Straight Line Designs, has been made with 618 individually cut pieces of Baltic Birch plywood by a CNC machine and vinyl upholstery. The Hollow chair has a simple but unique shape which is aesthetically appealing for any age group of people. It has hollow space under the armrest and the seat. This hollow space provides space for anything you prefer and will help make your room uncluttered.

The chair is suitable for the living space of your sweet home, office space or social areas. You can also use it as a children’s chair or for bedroom use. It is better to choose decorative items, books, toys or spa towels to be stored, according to the place where it is kept. The designer says that the Hollow chair was made to remove the excess bulk and three dimensional footprint out of a traditional arm chair. Of course, this chair is a perfect accent to any environment you could keep it in.

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