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Exquisite Open-Plan Apartment in the Middle of Ostermalm

This is about an exceedingly beautiful apartment with all comforts and luxuries in an attractive urban area. The apartment, with an open-plan on an area of 2,100 sq ft, is located on the top most and fourth floor of a 1901 building in the middle of a city.  This condominium apartment is amazing with luxuries facilities in Ostermalm, a large city at central Stockholm in Sweden. The apartment is provided with extra large living spaces and houses three bedrooms with all luxury facilities and two bathrooms, all with traditional wooden flooring. It has a high ceiling with double the normal height and an amazing vintage stove from the renowned Majestic brand. The lighting and other home decor of the apartment is indeed mind-blowing.

Dreaming for such a home? Here’s happy news for you. The amazing apartment is currently up for sale. So if you have really fallen for the apartment, go for it. If you can spend $1.6 million, that is!

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