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Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas decoration ideas and themes are often available in abundance and yet decorating for Christmas can seem both daunting and difficult. It is a problem of plenty and most home owners are not sure what theme and style to adopt even as the big day draws closer. Moreover, decorating for Christmas starts a good couple of weeks in advance and many of us are often caught unaware as we are busy with our work and life. And while indoor Christmas decorations garner plenty of attention, it’s the outdoor glitz that really steals the show!

Decorating your home’s exterior beautifully for Christmas can make heads turn and hearts stop. (In a good way, of course!) Start off by having a really clear plan in your head about what you want and the stick to your budget in a strict fashion. Decoration of the outdoors starts from the door and moves outwards. Trim the door frame with mini LED lights, ribbons or other trivial ornaments that are left unused after your interiors are done. A lovely wreath at the heart of it all is a perfect way to dress up the doorway.

Move on from the door to the front yard with petty items like leaves, silk flowers and artificial berries.  Making up a manger or Santa/Disney workshop in your yard can further accentuate the theme that you have chosen and dazzle the neighborhood with its brilliant lighting. If you have a gorgeous front lawn, then add a beautiful Christmas tree that is lit and decorated in the appropriate manner. Drape it with string lights and craft a spectacular ‘light sculpture’ that will steal the show and become the focal point of your Christmas celebrations.

String lights and net lights which can be interwoven into a silken web of light can be a creative addition as well. Just drape the bushes and the hedges with some flickering lights and cover the rooftop with gorgeous net lighting and you are all set with a home that surely will even draw Santa’s attention on Christmas night!

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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