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How to Refinish Wood Floors

Many of the homes you have seen feature hardwood floors. Although we have no doubt about the aesthetics of this floor form, we certainly don’t think maintaining it is an easy task. Here are some suggestions you can try at home for refurnishing hardwood floors.

If you have covered the floor with a carpet bonded with floor via an adhesive, you have some pre-work to do. Remove the carpet completely and remove the adhesive of the floor with a really rough sand paper. Go for three rounds of sanding so as to completely remove the adhesive.

There are many solutions available in the market that can be used to remove adhesive. Try to avoid it at most, as it melts right into the pores of wood and messes with the adhesives in the cracks. It doubles the work as you have to remove it from the cracks to fill it with stain.

If you are sanding the floor- dust off the floor and use a trowel to apply lacquer sealer mixed with pine dust to fill the cracks. This will give stain the cracks same as wood. Again sand the floor to level it and put the sealer.

Choose for semi-gloss sealer over the high gloss or flat, as it suits more with the house environment. Also high-gloss demands more maintenance. Use suitably toned wood stain to give your floors a customized look. Now when are you going to start?

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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