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Freshen Your Bathroom with Low-Cost Updates

Time spend in bathrooms can be creative and replenishing. The room, which thereby is vital, deserves some innovation. Here are some points that might help you out to refurnish and renew your bathrooms. Vivify your bathroom with dark wooden fixtures that go well with the bright colors.

Bright hues and statement articles can bring an attitude to your bathroom. Introduce tiles to your bathroom environment. Limit it to areas like vanity sink or shower area that gives it a unique stroke.

Most of bathrooms have plain walls, which make it a nice spot for hanging some water proof art works. Personalize the artwork you are intending to hang, replace them with new ones in time.

Another flexible option is using wallpapers. Use waterproof wall papers with uncanny textures and designs can provoke novel ideas for your rejuvenating your bath. Add to the bathroom new elegant shelves and uplifted cabinet hardware. Provide some life to the tiresome walls by adding colorful, chic shower curtains and towels.

Light up your bathrooms with special window treatments and wall colors. You can use shutters, sheer curtains, and lightings to your bath area.

Use of non-slippery rugs is functional as well as an aesthetic choice. Trimming your mirror frame, updating your vanity closet, custom shelving, installing chic furniture etc can add an element of novelty. Slender storage facilities and organizing the bathroom articles can also scale up your bathroom atmosphere.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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