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Sarpi Border Checkpoint in Georgiais Built Like the Waves

Now, look at this. You are sure to find the construction of this checkpoint amazing, simply due to the fact that the architecture involved is unique. Anyone who visits the small village of Sarpi in Georgia will be amazed to see the wavy architecture of the checkpoint, which is proving to be the main attraction here.

The building, completed in 2011 by the Berlin-based studio J.Mayer H. Architects, works as the border business travel checkpoint. The need for the checkpoint is due to the fact that Sarpi is an important village situated in the border-line of Georgia  and Turkey. And because of the modern architecture it helps give the customs headquarters a point of convergence of idea and the people.

The building, built by the calm sea, also provides an amazing view at night. It has staff rooms, cafeteria and a conference room on two different levels. The high floor of the building helps view theBlack Seastretch and the long coastal lines. As per the wish of the client – the Georgian Ministry of Finance – the architects have designed the structure in such a way to welcome guests so as to showcaseGeorgia’s progressive upsurge.  The Sarpi Border Checkpoint obviously is a unique piece of contemporary architecture. Check out the images and you will know why we say that.

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