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Seaside Escape in Bodega Bay is a Cool Retreat

Imagine a small and beautiful retreat atop the hills, giving a great view of the blue sea down below! The Seaside Escape, located at the Bodega Bay in California, is just that. Situated on an area of a half acre on the hillside, the Seaside Escape is an ideal example of modern architecture that has made maximum utilization of space. Though small that only two or four people can stay at the retreat at a time, it may be seen as a combination of comfort and luxury. The retreat comprises all cool comforts and luxury – be in the kitchen or in other living areas.

You can easily access the Portuguese beach from the house. The house is clad with wood and this gives it elegance. Sporting a special structure with the angular roofs and geometric windows, the house remains unique from other retreats you might have stayed in. The way the interiors have been constructed gives a boost to the beauty of surrounding nature, more than just the home decor. There are two Queen sized bedrooms, which can offer you a perfect retreat. A  hot tub in the master bathroom, gourmet kitchen, cool dining area and the awesome window seat add  to the beauty of the house. Dark blinds, stained concrete floors and living room with fireplace are more than enough to provide the guests with a new amazing experience. When are you packing your bags?

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