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Fun Flip Chair Series from Daisuke Motogi Architecture

The Flip Chairs by Daisuke Motogi Architecture are a set of cheerful seating units created to offer a fun alternative to usual seating systems. The rocking chair and the lounge chair both express the need for comfort in a stressful modern environment. The design surprises a world of immaculate joy, where everyone can enjoy colors and shapes as part of their daily activities. By flipping it, you can reverse its function and relax on the backside of the chair.

This versatile design allows you to have two functions for each product and the space used will remain mostly the same. It’s up to you to choose the best version for your moods. Produced by sixinch JAPAN, the series is made of functional, durable materials and designed to display a modern and playful shape, fit for adults and children alike. Check out the designer’s website for a video of the Flip Series.

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