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Palladio-Strandbaden Summer Home to Make Your Holidays Perfect

Are you on a holiday? How about spending your holidays in a small summerhouse in Sweden? The small Swedish summer home named Palladio-Strandbaden located on the coast of Hoganas in Sweden is what we have in mind. Built in 2010 by Stockholm-based studio Dinnelljohansson, this residence has been designed as a single-family home. A beautiful tiny house, it sports trendy architecture with modest exteriors. The layout is so simple but aesthetically appealing and can be seen as inspired by the famous villas of Veneto, by architect Andrea Palladio.

Palladio-Strandbaden is a small house where the limited space is utilized to its maximum. It has an open design with an indigenous layout. The house has two levels – the first level comprises the entrance, kitchen, dining room, living area and bathroom. There is a centre staircase which leads to a lofted bedroom and an attractive fireplace designed in a unique manner. – it is designed in such a way that it descends down the ceiling of the house and this is the focal point of this small house. This amazing small house can be an apt place to spend your summer holidays. Its soothing and calm atmosphere will make you feel yourself fresh and cool!

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