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Amazing Glass Ball Chandeliers Add to Bocci’s Credibility

Chandeliers are always beautiful! Famed lighting brand Bocci is mostly known for their amazing Glass ball chandelier with great aesthetic appeal! What you are looking at is the Glass ball chandelier made as part of a 28-collection endeavor by Bocci. This wonderful and elegant chandelier suits every room. The suspended glass spheres have been designed uniquely by incorporating innovative ideas and with a high sense of art and craftsmanship.

Bocci, who has their main factory inVancouveratCanada, has come up a plan to create each product with their own unique signature. The factory and the offices of Bocci are meticulously planned in such a way that all departments can oversee the production processes. This advantage of communication among the departments makes it possible for Bocci to get heights in the lighting industry. Bocci has its aim to produce objects with healthy human interaction. The products are really innovative and made with high quality materials in a trendy design which are very long lasting. Keeping environmental consciousness at the maximum in their products and raw materials, packaging and manufacturing methods, Bocci has also ensured that their workers use skills in the most productive and eco-friendly manner while creating their products.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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