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Small multi-functional 40 Square Meter Apartment in Tel-Aviv

We love small spaces as long as they are well planned and carefully designed to suit the inhabitant’s needs and wishes. So, naturally, this 40 square meter apartment in Tel-Aviv caught our attention. Displaying a carefully studied interior design, this small apartment came as a solution to the city’s soaring housing prices in the last 3 years. This caused people to revamp their old apartments instead of buying larger ones.

This studio apartment was transformed from a studio apartment into a beautiful one bedroom apartment thanks to Sfaro Architects. Other features that helped delimit the existing space were storage systems, the separate kitchen and a queen bedroom. All the storing spaces were concentrated in a cubic volume in the middle and sliding doors help separate the spaces according to the owner’s desire and needs during the day. The multi-functional space became modern and inviting once the space was properly delimited. The results can be seen in the photos below. Enjoy!

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