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How to Maintain & Take Care Of Your Wooden Deck

Once an obligatory part of the vintage homes, wooden decks have now made their way to contemporary houses. A deck in the backyard of a country house provides space for quality outdoor time. However, decks made of wood need idyllic care for preservation.

Periodic cleaning and refinishing can keep your good old wooden deck young and strong.

Various products are available in the market, which help you to make your wooden planks immaculate. You can use pump garden sprayer for using the cleaners, but be cautious of your skin and eyes.

Apply the cleaners in both the vertical and horizontal surfaces and allow it to be there for a stipulated time.  After the recommended time, preferably use a pressure washer in proper force to wash down the deck.  Pressure washers are available for rent at home improvement stores.

You can choose various attachments to effective cleaning, like a deck scrubber can be used for cleaning large areas. Whatever you do, teeny-weeny damages always pop up. It would be better if you repair it ASAP. Clear and strengthen the decks by driving the protruding nails in or replacing them with deck screws.

Go for the sanders to smoothen surfaces. When you are done with the cleaning, you must use a deck stain or clear sealer for protecting and improving appearance of your wooden structure. Use sprayer and brushing respectively for even and efficient spreading of cleaner or stain. When are you trying these tips out?

(Images by Crinklecrankle.com & ICCNS)

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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