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Reconstructing an elegant and simple design: Photochrome Suspension Lamp

If you are one of those people who cannot be content until they have at least a creative and unique focal point in their home, then this next carefully designed creation will become your favorite lighting system. The Photochrome Suspension Lamp is an interesting way of looking at usual design through the eyes of a designer. What inspired the concept – a simple neon light hanging from the ceiling – became an opportunity to show how some carefully placed decorative items can change the whole appearance.

French designer Jean Couvreur manipulated a well-known object into a fresh and exciting new lighting system with just a few finishing touches, proving that many designs can be enahced to match our modern living style. The suspended color glass used in shaping the new light was formed of heated glass applied on tubular forms with fluorescent light bulbs. Simple and elegant, the Photochrome Suspension Lamp is my favorite object today.

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