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Amazing T@tris Furniture by Pedro Machado

Ever had a go at Tetris??  No doubt, you have played it many times.The Tetris is one of the most familiar and popular games around the globe. The game is that, one should create a horizontal ten blocks line without gaps by several manipulations of puzzle blocks called Tetriminos. These Tetriminos can be moved sideways and can be rotated by 90 degrees. By the way, you wonder we talk about the game here? Okay, let us get into the main aspect. The Tetris game has turned inspiration for new trendy furniture called T@tris.


The furniture, designed by Lisbon based designer Pedro Machado, is versatile and is made for small spaces. Sporting the form of Tetris puzzle pieces, the furniture comes in many pieces that can be pulled and made into different furniture pieces. There are two square blocks on each side with top flat surfaces that can be pulled out creating a table with two chairs. Others pieces constitute drawers designed to make space for personal items. The unique design of the T@tris makes it a rare piece of furniture allowing users to interact with it in a personalized manner. Are you thinking of getting those pieces for your beautiful home?





Original and Versatile T@tris Furniture from Pedro  6

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