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Loving this modern two-bedroom apartment in Sydney

Tamarama is a small two bedroom apartment located in a building from the 1960s. Its name comes from the panoramic views gathered from the Tamarama beach in Sydney, Australia. Recently renovated, the apartment was personalized to express how much the inhabitant loves surfing and the breezes sweeping across the beach. Traveling is also a great preoccupation for the owner of this beautiful apartment, so the architects behind this project – 4site Architecture – constructed a pleasant interior design that surrounds the inhabitant with his favorite things. Artworks and items collected during different travels received special places throughout the house.

The renovation included the removal of a portion of the ceiling concealing plumbing pipes – this increased the height of the ceiling.This was a great opportunity to create strategically placed lighting elements. The entrance welcomes guests with a coat cupboard, a modern glass screen and interesting sculpture, leading people deep into the apartment. What is your favorite thing about this apartment?

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