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Elegantly hanging over the dining table: Terracotta Lamps

A great lighting system encompasses your love for different materials and shapes. This collection of  Terracotta Lamps were designed for those in love with the amazing terracotta material, that can be molded and transformed into a large range of decorative and functional items. This ancient material was successfully used by designer Thomas Housden to create a stunning collection of simple and bold hanging lamps for UK-based Hand & Eye Studio.

The elegant shapes merge kiln-fired terracotta and white glaze to emphasize the simple design lines of the light, creating a unique atmosphere. The vibrantly colored electric flex can be grey, white, turquoise, neon pink, neon orange, accentuating the modernity of each of the three lamps in the collection – small, medium and large. Secured with a glazed terracotta ceiling rose, the Terracotta Lamps will attract admiration from your guests and will adorn your modern interiors with style.

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