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Inspiring and Refreshing London Home

Pool a multiplicity of comforts and conveniences and add nature’s bounty to it in the right proportion – you will get this marvelous London home, which is a happy marriage between nature’s tantalizing features and the richness of man-made comforts. This modern home inspires freshness, and, at the same time, opulence. However, these characteristics fuse so tastefully, and stealthily, creating a space that is inviting and inspiring.

The focus of the residence is a generous pool, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, a water fountain and modern patio furniture. We can’t imagine a more versatile location. The pool area is ideal for a stylish evening gathering, for a crazy party and even for a week-end barbecue. Large glass doors connect the terrace with the open plan living room. Once inside, a visitor is greeted by state-of-the-art modern decors and inspiring decorating elements. A comfortable glass swing, contemporary art pieces and flower arrangements enliven the interiors.

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