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Creative chest of drawers: Ordinary day in a wood factory

How many of you would like to own a fantastic, artistic piece of furniture that will become your favorite over time? I know I would love to see this next project everyday, in my living room or even bedroom. “Ordinary day in a wood factory” is an exceptionally natural decorative furniture item. The chest of drawers was designed by Raphael Charles, a self-educated creator of objects, as he describes himself.

Displaying a wood facade in the purest man-made form, the “Ordinary day in a wood factory” dresser conveys the idea of hiding in plain sight. Made from uneven fir wood planks, the chest of drawers appears to be a simple stack of wood, and not even a closer look reveals its true nature. Just when you thought the living room was probably a weird-looking place to store wood, the chest of drawers opens to reveal a modern set of drawers. Fantastic, right?

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