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Vividly colored chic apartment in Nimes, France

Colors are fascinating and help enhance our experiences with cool design. This is why today we chose to showcase a vividly colored apartment located in Nimes, France. Each pattern, each shape and each detail were carefully selected by artist couple Myriam and Dominique. The large apartment is their home, a beautiful, bright and colored space. Located in a 1835 building, the apartment features high ceiling and large windows that seem to invite fresh air and sunlight inside.

Designed to sustain the happy life of the two artists and their two children, the chic apartment features unique arrangements. The living room was adorned with Scandinavian antique chairs dressed in floral fabrics from Robert Le Heros, the hallway received a fascinating wallpaper displaying a trompe l’oeil effect by Deborah Bowness for The Collection and the wallpaper in the guest room was tear down. All in all, the apartment looks amazing and artistic, don’t you think?


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