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Home with a View; McClean Design Home in LA is Simply Amazing

How would you like a house that would give you a good downtown view of the city afar from your window? Such a house has been designed by McClean Design, on the Sunset Strip at Los Angeles. This 7,000 square foot is located on the high grounds which gives a panoramic view of the city thriving below from West LA to Santa Monica to the Catalina Islands. The house, despite providing a metropolis horizon, also has an exceptionally designed interior. The house is separated by water features and pools, which are to the core to the design. This design has given the house maximum area.

Water begins at the driveway with a water wall around with which the entry is draped. Water again makes its presence at the main level of the house in the form of an ornamented pool that tumble down into the spa below. It then continues as a 75-foot-long lap pool which runs over the slant and into the view. A striking glass bridge over a pool below is the entry to this dream home. The main bedroom and study are also allocated alongside the pool with living area on the other side. It also features many guestrooms, a media room and a four-car garage on the ground floor. The house is mainly made from concrete with significant amounts of wood and stone, utilized at apt places for creating a soft contemporary feel.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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