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Sophisticated Eco-Friendly Loft in Barcelona

Studio Vuong have created another stunning home in Barcelona, Spain. This unique feminine loft is a sanctuary to retreat to and has an inspiring design that will leave you speechless.

The architects’ main goal was to use as much natural light as possible, so they opened skylights in the kitchen and placed windows to the terrace for an atmosphere not only bright, but also integrated with vegetation. Moreover, white was the main color used, which in combination with the high ceilings make the place feel big, light and airy. The high ceilings also allowed the architects to include an extra bedroom.

This fabulous loft also has a rustic feel due to the furniture, which is designed especially for this home and recycled. One could even say that the decorative details complement with this artistic house. In addition, the terrace has a raised area where the sofa stands and is a great place to spend a sunny morning reading.

This beautiful loft is eco-friendly, exotic and has a lot of interesting features. What do you think?



I write for decoist.

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