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Step inside a world of comfort: the Hush Pod

Every day, we ll need some time alone with our thoughts. The Hush Pod is the perfect seating unit that can accompany that much needed time alone. Designed by Freyja Sewell, the womb-inspired piece of furniture makes you feel protected and comfortable, while delicately displaying its futuristic shape. It creates an enclosed space, where you can withdraw from the stressful situations and thoughts and just rest comfortably and maybe meditate.

The need for socialization is also a part of the Hush Pod – it can be transformed into a more accepting seat whenever you need it to. Made from 100% wool felt and with cushions that are stuffed with recycled wool fibers, the Hush Pod reinterprets the need for singularity and acceptance. Natural materials and a soothing design ensure the pod’s place among anyone’s favorite seat.

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