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SAOTA-Built Home in Dakar Comes Immersed in Luxury

If you have been to Senegal’s Dakar recently, you might have come across a huge luxury home on the edge of a cliff. The sight of the building itself would make you feel you are holidaying to have a glance of the one of the amazing architectural creations you never saw before. The credit goes to SAOTA & Antoni Associates for building this large, luxury home. The architects have designed the home for a Senegalese businessman and his family.

What’s even more thrilling is the fact that the location chosen for the building is an old World War II bunker on the edge of a cliff. While building the luxury home, SAOTA has not done away with the bunker altogether. Instead, they have decided to use it to house an underground cinema that opens up into a water feature. Just wow! The luxury villa sports a L-shaped design and is centered around the pool. Meanwhile, the living and dining rooms overlook the cliff giving the inhabitants a cool view of the Atlantic down below. The house is made charming by the inclusion of some good hallway lighting, a sculptural pool, a stainless steel and granite spiral staircase, floating stairs. A look at the house will make you yearn for it.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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