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Edna Sideboard collection: vividly coloured and hand-manufactured

Edna 1 and Edna 3 are the two beautifully designed sideboards created by Anthony Hartley, a Yorkshire based furniture designer and producer that engages in creating colorful and dynamic pieces of furniture. All his works are hand-made by him, from sketch to the finished product that adorns residential or commercial spaces. With extensive experience and practice in joinery, the designer knows how to put elements together to shape amazing pieces of furniture. The Edna 1 and Edna 3 sideboards feature candy-like colors and creative forms that shape beautiful and vivid furniture items.

The two sideboards share the same brilliance of creation and high-quality manufacturing, but their design is slightly different. Edna 1 is smaller and more compact, with a wood frame holding the colorful drawers together and resting on black feet, while Edna 3 is larger and more dramatic, with a white-painted frame and beautifully crafted drawers that also display color on the inside. How do you find these two sideboards and where would you put them in your home?


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