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Contemporary Minimalist Apartment in Tel Aviv

Overlooking the splendor of the Mediterranean Sea, this next apartment is a contemporary minimalist wonder. Located in the old port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel, the 1,076.4 square feet home was designed by Pitson Kedem Architects.

The architects had the challenging job of restoring and redesigning this beautiful residential flat, a very unique home not only for its location, but for its structure as well, which was badly damaged. The owners wanted to unveil its original materials, which were a stone structure, pottery and sand stone.

Contemporary minimalist apartment

Contemporary minimalist apartment1

Having taken on a daring project Pitson Kedem Architects had to come up with a design that would be an amalgamation of contemporary minimalist elements with ‘historical asceticism’. Now the rooms feel big, airy and warm, with gorgeous bold accent features in some of the spaces. Moreover the mirrors give the sense of grandeur and the white, the sense of a beautiful, clean design. Also the use of stainless steel, iron and Corian make this historical interior a contemporary minimalist loft.

Contemporary minimalist apartment2

This splendid Jaffa apartment is a mixture of old and new, a modern project that preserved the historical legacy of the building, a sanctuary to retreat to.

Contemporary minimalist apartment3

Contemporary minimalist apartment4

Contemporary minimalist apartment5

Contemporary minimalist apartment6

Contemporary minimalist apartment7

Contemporary minimalist apartment8

Contemporary minimalist apartment9

Contemporary minimalist apartment10

Contemporary minimalist apartment11

Contemporary minimalist apartment12

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