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Fantastic rural-meets-modern country home near Lisbon

Today we showcase a fascinating country home near Lisbon, Portugal, in the Palmela Municipality. We here at Decoist were delighted by the perfection displayed in every detailed of this stunning residence.

This amazing country house is home to Monica Penaguião, a talented Lisbon-based interior designer. The simplicity displayed by all rustic forms of the building is accentuated by the use of colours and modern furniture. A stunning lounge space partly enclosed welcomes guests and kidnaps them from the real world, taking everyone to a safe haven of comfort.

Decorated with a combination of bold, modern red chairs and metal side table and contrasting antique kilim rug and Turkish pillows, this lounge is the essence of the whole house. The handmade pergola overlooks the pool in a continuous effort to offer the most magnificent feeling of happiness. With Wishbone chairs by Hans Wegner in the dining room and an iron sink in the kitchen, the residence can pride itself on being an amazing dream home.


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