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Stunning Apartment with a Unique Vintage Design in Barcelona

We folks here on Decoist, have a thing (or two) for modern luxury design ideas. But we’ll have to agree that we never thought an apartment like the one you’re about to see would be able to get us so excited. Located just five minutes away from Spain’s capital city, Barcelona, this old house with high roofs and timely accessories has been refurbished and now oozes “sleek” from all possible angles.

A lot of its old features were kept — the height of the ceilings, the tile roof or the brick walls, but there were also a lot of new elements incorporated. We’re talking about the second floor (where the master bedroom is located) that was added. A great idea considering that due to the soft, neutral tones of the walls and floors, the house has a feeling of a big, bright space.

Not really sure if it’s the old industrial scent of the building or the fact that the airy place is being splashed with a lot of colors and amazing accessories, it has what it takes to be an amazing dream house for a young family. With its luxurious features and unique vintage details, it really feels like a chic loft.

Andreea Mocanu

I write for decoist.

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