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Three-storey Barbie Store in Shanghai: past, present and future of Barbie Dolls

Barbie dolls have been making little girls happy for some time now and it was necessary for a flagship store this big to make its appearance. The six-storey flagship Barbie store in Shanghai is an ode to the past, present and future of the iconic Barbie doll. Designed by Slade Architecture, the store gathers under its roof a large variety of Barbie dolls, licensed Barbie products, services and activities for Barbie fans.

Covering 35,000 square feet, the construction’s facade displays playful pink and purple lights, drawing fans from all over the world inside this exceptional world of wonders. Panels of polycarbonate and fritted glass with floral patterns cover the front of the building, offering a glimpse into the interiors. The lobby breaks the connection to the outside world with its curved design lines and pearlescent surfaces, while a pink escalator tube takes the visitors to the double-height main floor.

Here, an imposing three-storey spiral staircase featuring eight hundred Barbie dolls thrones in the middle and connects the floors: the women’s floor, the doll floor and the Barbie Design Center, where girls design their own Barbie dolls. How would you like to visit the world’s largest Barbie store?

World's largest Barbie Store









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