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Architectural restaurant, offices and rooftop garden bar in Sydney

Architecture can transform any space into a mentionable residence, commercial space, gallery or any other necessary structure. The Roslyn Street Bar/Restaurant in Sydney’s Kings Cross displays a wonderful collection of details on the outside architectural facade. The ground floor restaurant and bar, and the rooftop garden are always prepared to welcome guests in a modern setting.

What strikes me about this restaurant is its fascinating outside structure – a collaboration of art and modern architecture that transforms a simple restaurant design into an interesting and appealing contemporary monument of modern lifestyle. Offices on the middle levels were perfectly integrated in the structure of the building.  The four storey building was designed by Durbach Block Architects as a natural response to its surroundings: materials and shapes distinguish themselves and end up adding character to the neighbourhood.

You must be lucky to live in the same neighbourhood where this building rises. If you are around this 5-9 Roslyn Street Potts Point triangular building, take a photo of the restaurant and post it on our Facebook page. We would love to see it from your point of view.

Roslyn Street Bar Restaurant











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