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Unusual shipbuilding office design resembling a meteorite

An unusual office design rising closer to the shoreline captures anyone’s attention. The shipping company that enjoys this amazing office needed a place to express their love for this type of business, so the architects created an office that resembles a ship resting between rocks on the shore. Futuristic shapes and a special attention to natural light create a magnificent office design. The owner is an art enthusiast, so the building had to be more sculptural that architectural. The unique design is recognisable from a distance, with its many lights and unusual shape rising in the night on a dark background.

Awaiting ships to load and unload merchandise, the office building acts like a lighthouse. Spreading over 300 square meters, the building was designed to be a futuristic expression of a meteorite and display the brand identity. The company works with shipbuilding, stone, and sand and the architecture displays all those elements in a fascinating way.

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