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Mykonos dream house in pure white: Kanalia Hill House

Now that summer has finally arrived, we can present you a stunning house in the heart of a wonderful country with delightful weather. How many of you have ever dreamed about living in a white heaven like the Kanalia Hill house? Located where the sun seems to always shine, the house is a fantastic collection of spaces – both interior and exterior. The interiors display a modern fairytale look, predominantly white, with chic colourful accents that stylishly pop out. Modern furniture and lighting systems create a contemporary atmosphere, but once you step outside, the freedom of the amazing panoramic views draws you back to a simpler past, when nothing seemed so fast-paced.

Exceptional furnishings, many places to lie down and relax and the outdoor pool make this dream house a fantastic secluded place that offers its inhabitants peaceful moments away from stressful daily life. Enjoy the photos and don’t forget to dream!




Wright House

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