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Modern residential addition: Tower House by Andersson Wise Architects

The Tower House in Leander, Texas, rises high from the ground to offer an enticing architecture. Designed by Andersson Wise Architects, the house presents itself as a cubical tower that provides its inhabitants with a warm, wood-themed atmosphere. The Tower House is part of a larger family residence – it is actually an addition to a small 1930s limestone cabin located near Lake Travis. The clients needed more than the spaces contained by the cabin -a living room, a small bedroom, a kitchen, and a porch facing the water – and so the architects erected a tower-like structure that would become a separated part of the residence.

Featuring two additional bedrooms with baths (on the first and second floor) and a large living and entertaining area, the tower features a large terrace on the third and last floor. This open space high above the ground offers beautiful panoramas of the surroundings. Wouldn’t you love to spend your evenings here?


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