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Beautiful residence in Colorado featuring vernacular architecture

The Smith Residence was designed by Studio B Architecture as a beautiful and simple response to the surrounding environment. Situated within a golf course community in Carbondale, Colorado, the house displays a fascinating accentance for regional agricultural structures. Its vernacular architecture shows a deep respect for local materials and displays a simple and intriguing shape. This comes to show that a dream house can take any form, depending on the inhabitant’s needs and wishes. Integrated into the site, the residence displays a dreamy landscape, accentuated by the distant mountain panorama.


The interiors differ from what you would expect to find looking at the house from outside. Talented architects managed to create an inviting, modern interior design that opened up the living zones to the outside space. The living room, kitchen and dining area access south-facing terraces and gardens in a successful attempt to connect to the surrounding landscape.


Smith Studio B Architecture







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