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Modern restaurant design featuring cool bamboo elements

Created by Beijing-based architectural and design studio FCJZ Workshop, the restaurant is located on the top floor of a superstore. A 9-meter high story height and the broad view to the south allowed the architects to play with shapes and materials to create an astounding restaurant. Part of a magnificent luxury hotel in the city of Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province, the Tang Palace restaurant welcomes guests with a combination of traditional and modern design elements. Composite bamboo boards were used to create an amazing interior design and the height of the ceiling was used to create private rooms are suspended from the roof. Thin interwoven bamboo strips replace the old semi-oval blocks that used to be part of the disorganized space. Extending from the walls up to the ceiling, the bamboo creates a sophisticated atmosphere. Different folding angles and engraved patterns of the bamboo create differentiated interiors for the private rooms. The overall design conveys a feeling of relaxation in a modern setting.

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