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Exquisite detailed Octopus Chair connects humans and nature

Octopus Chair is one of those long lasting designs that make you wonder about the power and frailty of life on Earth. Spanish artist Maximo Riera created this extraordinary artistic piece of furniture as alternative to the widely used simple chair.

Part of the over 15 pieces of the artist’s Animal Chair collection, this specific illustration of an octopus features a strong and elaborate showcasing of the animal’s every detail. Being a limited edition piece, the Octopus Chair was created with biological accuracy in its appearance, creating a strong bond between furniture and the animal kingdom.

Attempting to encompass the beauty and force of a wild animal, the Octopus Chair was designed by a team of over thirty professionals from four different companies. Using a CNC milling machine, the team transformed a series of foam blocks into a unique chair design by sculpting accurate details of an octopus into its backside. The seating part design was kept classic to better integrate the fierce animal into the design.

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