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James Silverstone’s Stunning Architectural Photography

A Brit based in Sweden, James Silverman is a well-known, award-winning photographer who has crossed the globe photographing contemporary design and architecture.



His dream-worthy photography has appeared in several posh publications, such as Vogue Living, Architectural Design, The Guardian and many others. He took up photography during a trip to India and after returning he studied this art intensely.

James Silverman is known to do anything it takes in order to obtain the perfect photo. For instance he can stand on top of a car, hover 18 metres in midair and build scaffold towers to gain viewpoint that reveals his vision.

His pictures are unique and inspiring. He manages to capture the stunning beauty of each place, house or even the smallest piece of furniture. What’s more his work seems efortless. His photos, might I add, can take you off your track.







James Silverstone Architectural Photography 9

Check out James Silverman for more of his stunning art.

I write for decoist.

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