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Modern Loft in Melbourne by dKO Architecture

The “Prahbu Apartment” designed by dKO Architecture in Melbourne, Australia, is a posh urban loft that proves wrong the notion of small apartment living. Despite its modern vibe the space feels like a family home due to the furniture and finishing touches and can be the perfect place to entertain family and friends. In addition the furniture was selected so that it can visually highten the place and also create the feeling of a light and airy space.

The apartment’s focal point is a sleek fireplace which is surrounded by dark stone tiles. In contrast to the dark tones of the focal point wall, the soft, neutral tones of the furniture give the room the sense of luxury.This apartment can also be an example of how to mix style with function. The homeowners can enjoy lots of storage for their kid clutter, camouflaged by the seating which are both in and outside.

To top it off the terrace extends the entertainment zone, giving the sense of space while enjoying the incredible views over the city.

It’s a retreat that keeps out the hustle of the  big city. You gotta love it!


I write for decoist.

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