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Opulent spa residence in South Africa

The incredible Joc House in Johannesburg, South Africa is one of those ridiculously vast and luxurious spa homes that make a resort vacation obsolete.

Designed by Nico Van der Meulen architects, this , believe it or not, 2 floor residence features a stunning open entrance layout that makes the inside spaces seem like outdoor spaces or terraces.

The inside pool, prolonged outside, contributes to this impression, as does the stunning 2 story height living room. The choice of materials is minimalist to brutalist, with marble and strip stone on the inside and a gigantic, very arguable freestanding concrete frame the size of the whole structure, on the front terrace and attached to the residence by 2 beams. Aside from looking massive and even science-fiction-utopia/dystopia-like, this kind of concrete frame is the architects’ trademark. The wicked luxury den includes a few pools and bar-like kitchens, and, while it may lack in personality, modesty, spatial conflict, it does include splendid fireplaces and amazing interior landscaping.

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