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WhitePod Alpine: Swiss ski resort with private chalet rooms

Exquisite whiteness, great weather, brilliant food and blessed slopes, there is something about skiing in the Swiss Alpes. And while it’s true that a week in Switzerland, in the mountains, doesn’t come in cheap, here’s an alternative to the high class hotels. A high class, low cost ski resort — the WhitePod Alpine.

Located 1700m high, the WhitePod resort offers an unforgettable experience deep in the cool Swiss environment. It has 15 private cabins (officially called geodesic igloo-style structures) each featuring large window that sports amazing views of the valley, a king-size bed, an wood-burning fireplace, a raised floor and rather stylish lodge-style furnishings. Rustic, cozy, yet very modern in its own way.

A perfect destination for your winter vacation. Isn’t it?

[via TheCoolist]

Alex Ion

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