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Modern smokeless Terragen fireplace from Flying Cavalries

UK based Flying Cavalries have designed a magnificent fireplace which they called the Terragen Fireplace. It is a versatile combination between a fireplace and a coffee table, with gorgeous colours and a fun, modern block appearance.


Inspired by the different colours of volcanic ash, from red to grey, the Terragen Fireplace was designed as a connection between human and mother Earth. With a creative display of carved layers with different colours, the fireplace is covered with a glass surface that contains the smokeless, ethanol fire unit. When it is not used as a fireplace, the Terragen transforms into a contemporary coffee table perfect for a modern interior. With both functional and visual features, the Terragen Fireplace will keep your heart warm while you relax with a well-deserved cup of coffee.

Modern smokeless Terragen fireplace 2



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