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Unique Family home in Japan (Stairs House)

Japanese architects from y+M Design Office have built an unusual family home in Japan, near the seaside. The facade is not what you might expect: it is made from stairs made from porcelain tiles that run up to the highest point of the roof, so that the house can be climbed. That is why it received a descriptive name: the Stairs House. Long and narrow windows between the stairs insure the light needed to brighten up the interior.

Being right next to the seaside, the house faces west and receives strong direct sunshine and sea wind. The interior maintains the main theme of the house, leaving the stairs visible on the ceiling. The family that lives here, a young couple in their 30`s and their two children, wanted to have a home that was a warm and bright gathering place that would protect their privacy. Unique and innovative, the Stairs House is an efficient and contemporary home.

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