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Amazing fireplace design by Elena Colombo

These fantastic fire features are designed site specifically by New York-based architect Elena Colombo.


fire 29

The designer is also a sculptor, which is apparent in each and every one of these amazing pieces, which render the traditional fireplace into an ethereal installation, a spectacle, almost like an altar. Her creations are rather abstract compositions, making use of sincere materials, mainly metal, from sleek and shiny steel to copper with a patina of age. They come in the most diverse shapes and compositions, perforated sheets, sticks, nests, spheres, folds, recipients, turning a living room, bedroom or terrace into a mystical space. On that note, furnishing a space which has such a sophisticated fire piece as focal point, as art work even, definitely becomes a challenge. Who knew fire could assume so many shapes and symbols ?

fire 28

fire 27

fire 26

fire 25

fire 24

fire 23

fire 5

fire 22

fire 21

fire 7

fire 19

fire 18

fire 17

fire 16

fire 15

fire 14

fire 12

fire 11

fire 10

fire 9

fire 8

fire 6

fire 20

fire 4

fire 3

fire 2

fire 1


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