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Stylish Metal Bowls Born From a NASA Experiment

The SOD project was born from a NASA experiment in which spiders were exposed to various chemicals and the webs they spun afterwards were analyzed. The spiders were given different chemicals: Marijuana, Benzedrine, Caffeine, and Chloral Hydrate. The result was captured in these beautiful bowls you can see in the next images.

Made from metal, the bowls express the trajectories of the spiders while being under the influence of the chemicals. The normal spider web runs in concentric circles, with a dense pattern,  the marijuana result seems to be loose towards the margins, the Benzedrine made the spider excited, but it forgot some web content, the caffeine totally disturbed the spider, making it spun a chaotic web, while the last substance, the Chloral hydrate, which is a sedative substance, slowed down the spider and made it slowly fall asleep, leaving the web unfinished.





Via CultureWaves

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